Shaskeen PR 2020

Fifty years of gigging, recording, supporting other acts and widely travelled, Shaskeen has survived the disco, the night club and the singing pub, because of authenticity, quality and consistency. In their hands the music is allowed to breath, the pure drop always respected with beguiling innovation.

In performance, the band employ a participatory style, finding easy rapport with their audiences, set lists full to the brim with engaging material, not just tunes but songs, poetry, recitation, storytelling, moments of wicked humour and repartee full of pure craic.

Solo tunes and duets pop up, original compositions are nurtured, sean-nós sits comfortably beside old timey American, yet keeping that Shaskeen essence, a level of fine artistry that has been of huge cultural significance in Ireland and abroad for the past fifty years.

Founder member Tom Cussen says he is 'very proud of the name, the reputation of the band and the unique Shaskeen slant we have on playing traditional Irish music.'

Their most recent album Walking Up Town has been highly acclaimed, with 'fun and mischief in the making' says Cussen. Respected broadcaster and journalist Tom Gilmore said the album was a 'very fine production with the Shaskeen in fine fettle.'

'The Shaskeen céili band originated long before the infusion of grand theatrics, choreography, technology and mythological motif…Shaskeen define rhythmic playing, there are no gimmicks, it's all about the tunes, the songs, the stories, Shaskeen are the real thing, as Irish as it gets, the pure drop.' (Irish Music Magazine, March 2019).

As 2020 approaches, a new album in the works, tour dates being worked out ahead of their Golden Jubilee year, Shaskeen has cause to celebrate: the great span and diversity of their music, their dedication to the craft, the cultural prestige of the music, the success of their albums and the friendship and support of friends and fans in Ireland and all over the world.