Press Release 2008

Dear Music Lover,
As a musical ensemble of long standing, now; with a few notable exceptions, inching towards the geriatric twilight, we still derive pleasure from introducing you to our 15th Album. With a boldness born out of age, experience and careless abandon, this album is an eclectic mix of traditional music and song and a number of excursions into other musical enclaves.
Shaskeen have been strolling the musical highways and byways of Ireland and beyond for nearly four decades, delighting audiences at garden fetes, bordellos, dancing extravaganzas and concert platforms. For the band this has been an endless source of satisfaction and joy which in turn has brought us into the company of many extraordinary individuals both within and outside of the musical community.
We hope you enjoy the music and that you can experience some of the fun and mischief that prevailed while we were creating it.
We leave you with an expression of affirmation by our good friend and mentor PJ Curtis; the Grand Master of production; who has made a wonderful contribution to this recording.
"The band has earned a well deserved international reputation for performing traditional music and song with style, passion and authority. There are few bands playing traditional music today that can claim such a history or heritage. Like a good wine, there is a maturity laced with a palpable sense of celebration, a musical richness played by a band at the zenith of their career. Enjoy!!"
PJ Curtis Nov 2008