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Bad Moon Rising

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A double CD from Shaskeen celebrating 50 years of tradition.

This album recorded live from Shaskeen Concerts.

This is the latest and 16/17th album from Shaskeen

These CDs is concert based with many arrangments of tunes & songs. With 24 tracks on the albums this provides a huge variation of tunes & songs.

We hope you enjoy the music and that you can experience some of the fun and mischief that prevailed while we were creating it.

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Walking up Town CDFA 3515

This is the latest and 15th album from Shaskeen

This CD is concert based with many arrangments of tunes & songs. With 16 tracks on the album this provides a huge variation of tunes & songs.

We hope you enjoy the music and that you can experience some of the fun and mischief that prevailed while we were creating it.
We leave you with an expression of affirmation by our good friend and mentor PJ Curtis; the Grand Master of production; who has made a wonderful contribution to this recording.
"The band has earned a well deserved international reputation for performing traditional music and song with style, passion and authority. There are few bands playing traditional music today that can claim such a history or heritage. Like a good wine, there is a maturity laced with a palpable sense of celebration, a musical richness played by a band at the zenith of their career. Enjoy!!"
PJ Curtis Nov 2008


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The Mouse Behind the Dresser CDFA 3505

A Great Selection Of Jigs, Reels, Hornpipes, Songs & Solos from Shaskeen

 1. Reels: The Mouse Behind the Dress, Killaghbeg House, Paddy Killoran,s
 2. Slip Jig: Cock & The Hen, The Hmours of Whiskey -----Banjo Solo      
 3. Song & Polkas: Jimmy Brown The Newsboy. Little Diamond & Magic Slipper.
 4. Jigs: Harry's Lock ,The Monaghan, Henchey’s Delight
 5. Reels: Golden Keyboard, Ambrose Moloney’s, Jacksons,----Flute Solo          
 6. Song: Mulroy Bay              
 7. Reels: Mary O'Neill’s,  Boys of Portferry, P. Joe Hayes          
 8. Reels: Jack Maguire’s, Darby’s Farewell to London, Humours of Toonagh      
 9. Jigs: Paddy Cronin’s, Tom Busby’s ---------Accordion Solo      
10. Song: Welcoming Paddy Home.          
11. Reels:The Leitrim Bucks, Fred Finn’s, Toss the Feathers.          
12. Jigs: Maid at the spinning wheel, T’Athair Jack Walsh, Fr. Kelly’s          
13. H/Pipe/Reel: The Swan/Penny Candle, Monsignor’s Blessing.  Fiddle solo
14. Jigs: Banks of Newfoundland,Mysteries of Knock, Paidin O’Rafferty
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Atlantic Breeze

A Great Selection Of Jigs, Reels, Hornpipes, Songs & Solos from Shaskeen.

 1.  Reels: The Eel in the Sink, Mullingar Races, Sheehan's
 2.  Jigs: Whelan’s, Scotsman over the Border, Apples in Winter.      
 3.  Song : A Galway Boy – Mike Fahy. (C. McGettigan)
 4.  Barndance: Kieran Kelly’s
 5.  Reels: Mamas Pet, Gan Ainm. ----Flute Solo          
 6.  Jigs: Hardiman’s Fancy, Mulally’s. Accordion Solo              
 7.  Reels: Dowd’s No.9, West Clare Reel, Jennies Wedding.          
 8.  Reels: Farewell to Connaught, Bank of Ireland, Galway Rambler.     
 9.  Song: The Shore of my Lovely Gill. – Kevin Rohan (O’Higgins)      
10. Reels: Sweeney’s Buttermilk, Flower of the Flock. – Banjo Solo          
11. Jigs: Joe Cooley’s Delight, Molowney’s Wife.          
12. Reels: Fahy’s, Love at the Endings.        
13. Song; The Cot in the Corner. – Sean Keane. (Trad)
14. Reels: Crowley’s, Lord McDonald’s, The Cameronian.

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My Love's in America

  1. Reels:  Last Night's Fun / Lady On The Island / My Love Is In America    
  2. Jigs:    Queen Of The Fair / Daniel O'Connell    
  3. Reels:  Mary Staunton's / Brendan McMorrin's    
  4. Song:  Lovely Annaghdown     --- Kevin Rohan
  5. Reels:  Floating Crowbar/My Mary Anne/Ash Maley House--Banjo & Fiddle
  6. Waltz.  1st Waltz Unknown / Mrs. Kenny's 
  7. Reels.  P.J. Conlon's / The Tap Room / The Moving Bog's Accordion Solo    
  8. Polkas. Bill Sullivan's / The Britches Full Of Stitches    
  9. Jigs.    Paddy In London / Butcher's March / Rose In The Heather    
10. Reels.  Unknown / Billy Brocker / Connemara Stockings  
11. Hornpipes. Cronin's / The Home Ruler    
12. Song.  Shanagolden  -- Sean Conway    
13. Reels.  Early Breakfast / The Drunken Landlady    
14. Reels.  Miss Monaghan's / St. Anne's / The Wise Maid    
15. H/pipes. Breen's Hornpipes / The All Star Barn Dance
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25th Silver Jubilee Collection:

 1. Reels.   Maids of Castlebar, Boys on the Hilltop,
                Come West Along the Road.    
 2. Jigs.     Gillian’s Apples, Jackonson’s Mistake    
 3. Song.   Row Bullies Row – Pat Costello    
 4. Polka.   Tripping to the Well, The Dark Girl, The Tulla.    
 5. Medley. Banks of Lough Gowna, John Brennan’s, The Sligo Reel.    
 6. Song.   The May Morning Dew – Sean Conway    
 7. Reels.   Green Groves of Erin, Boys of Ballisodare.   
 8. Jigs.     Banks of Newfoundland, Mysteries of Knock,
                 Paidin O’Rafferty    
 9. Hornpipe. Sandlark Hornpipe, Murphy’s Hornpipe.    
10. Song/Polkas.  Jimmy Brown The Newsboy - Mike Fahy    
11. Reels.  Shaskeen, Lady Ann Montgomery, Morrison’s,
                 Eileen Curran.    
12. Polka.  The Tourmore.    
13. Song.  Shanagolden – John Dooley.    
14. Barndances. The Ballroom Favourites.    
15. Reels.  The Ash Plant, Flanagan’s Boreen,
                 The Monsignor’s Blessing.    
16. Jigs.     Kinnagad Slashers, The Pipe on the Hob.    
17. Reels.  Tin Whistle – Eddie Moloney: Devaney’s Goat &
                 Dogs Among the Bushes    
18. Song.   The Cot In The Corner – Sean Keane.    
19. Reels.   Jack Maguire’s, Darby’s Farewell to London,
                 The Humours of Toomagh.    
20. Song.   Mulroy Bay – Kevin Rohan    
21. Jigs.     Rambling Pitchfork,  Black Rouge,
                 Connachtman’s Rambles. Dan Collins’    
22. Reels.   Crowley’s, Lord McDonald’s, The Cameronian.    
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There's always room in our house

A CD of Jigs, Reels, Hornpipes, Waltzes & Quicksteps on Tenor Banjo & Saxophone, Flute and Whistle.

  1. Reels:   Christmas Eve, The Maid of Mount Cisco.
  2. Jigs:     Ships in Full Sail, The Lark in the Morning.   
  3. Reels:   Devaney’s Goat, Killaghbeg House   
  4. Q/step: There is always room in our house
  5. Reels:   The Galway Rambler, London Lassies
  6. H/pipes.Off to California, The Home Ruler   
  7. Reels.    Last Night’s Fun, Lord McDonald   
  8. Reels.    Foxhunter’s Reel   
  9. Jigs.      Jerry’s Beaver Hat/Maids in the Green/ Gallagher’s Frolicks   
10. Waltz.    Green Glens of Antrim/The Hills of Sweet Mayo.
11. Q/Step.  Whistling Rufus.
12. Reels.    The Maid Behind the Bar, Boys of Ballisodare.   
13. Jigs.      Paddy in London, Larry the Beer Drinker    
14. Reels.   Touch Me if you Dare, Creggs Pipes.
15. Reels.   The Cara Castle Lasses, The Sligo Maid.

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Traditional Irish Music from County Clare

 1. Reels.    Mary O'Neill's-Sean Sa Ceo
 2. Jig.        Old Grey Goose    
 3. H/Pipe.  The Stoney Steps-Sunshine Hornpipe    
 4. Reels.    The Cottage In The Grove-The Ladies Pantalettes    
 5. Slow Air. Easter Snow    
 6. Reels.    Lady Gordon-Lord Gordon    
 7. Jigs.      I Buried My Wife And Danced On Top Of Her-Paddy Fahy's
 8. Reels.    Bridie's Joy-The Widow's Daughter    
 9. H/Pipes. Galway Bay-Acrobat's Hornpipe    
10. Slow Air. Bruach Na Carraige Baine    
11. Reels.  The Wind That Shakes The Barley-Sailing Into Walpole's Marsh    
12. Jigs.    Bimid Ag Ol-The Gallowglass-Biddy The Bold Wife    
13. H/Pipes. Thomond Bridge-The Souvenir    
14. Reels.  The Mountain Top-Ormond Sound-Dogs Among The Bushes    

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Piano +

  1. Matinee / Rolling In The Ryegrass    
  2. The Pleasant Rocks    
  3. The Heather Breeze / Paddy Taylor's / The Reynabrone Reel    
  4. Úrchnoic Chéin Mhic Cáinte    
  5. Captain John's / The Queen Of May    
  6. The Merry Harriers / The Tailor's Thimble / The Merry Harriers    
  7. Walls Of Liscarroll / An u'Athair Jack Walsh
  8. Cois Taobh An Chuain
  9. The Bush In The Bloom / Munster Reel / Captain Kelly's Reel
10. Poll Haf'penny / An Peata Beag Is A Mhathair
11. Do Chuirfinnse Fein Mo Leanbh A Chodladh    
12. Seán Buí / Kit O'Mahoneys    
13. Isaac's Jig / Straight Jig    
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Chance Encounters, Last Minute Notions

This is a debut release from David Sanders.

Peppered with new compositions and some good old standards. David is ably assisted by Alan Wallace on Guitar, Mary Liddy on concertina, Katie Theasby on Vocals and whistles, and many more friends gathered along the way, with an amazing variety of music and song.  Not to be missed.


 1 Longford Collector, Dublin Reel, Crooked Road                                       

 2 The Foggy Dew                                                   

 3 Dreaming Of Home                                           

 4 The Mountscribe Waitz                                                                           

 5 The Morning Dew, The Golden Stud                                           

 6 The Larchill Jig, Humours Of Glensheen, Linnane's Fancy                 

 7 Cill Iníne Baoith                                                 

 8 Runaway Train, The Boys Of The Lough, Julia Delaney's 

 9 Ookpik Waltz                                     

10 Danny Boy                                         

11 Mulqueens,The Boys Of Ballisodare, The StepleChase                      

12 The Banks Of Of The Moy                                              

13 The Flogging, Castlekelly, Cregg's Pipes                                                    

14 John O'Dreams

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The Good Friday Session

  1. The Broken Pledge/Mullingar Races (Reels)   
  2. Tatter Jack Walsh/Pay The Reckoning(Jackson's Jig) (Jigs)   
  3. The Congress Reel/The Ivy Leaf (Reels)
  4. The Mug Of Brown Ale(OldManDillon)/Nóra Críona(WiseNora) (Jigs)
  5. Henry McDermott Roe (Carolan Piece)
  6. Tom Busby's Jig/Páidín Ó Raifeartaigh (Jigs)
  7. The Lark In The Morning/The Lark In The Evening (Jigs)   
  8. The Humours Of Ennistymon/Fasten The Leg In Her (Jigs)   
  9. Farewell To Connacht/The Bank Of Ireland/The Galway Rambler (Reels)   
10. Lucy Campbell/Toss The Feathers (Reels)
11. Richard Brennan's Favourite/My Darling Asleep (Jigs)
12. The Butcher's March/The Rambling Pitchfork (Jigs)   
13. My Love Is In America/Rakish Paddy/Miss McLeod's Reel (Reels)
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Shaskeen Vol. 1

Sets on this CD from Shaskeen.

The Caledonian.

The Galway.

The Aran.

The Connemara.

This Cd has also got some extra tracks from a previous LP The Joys of Life, (no longer available)

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Shaskeen Vol. 2

Sets on this CD include

The Corofin Plain,

The Newport,

North Kerry Polka Set.


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Shaskeen Vol. 3 Temp out of Stock

Sets on this CD include

The Connemara Set (The Freres Nantes)

The Clare Lancers.

The Derrada.

Two Hand Dance --- A Highland Fling

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Shaskeen Vol. 4

Sets on this CD include

The Plain Set.

The Cashel Set.

The Fermanagh Set.

The Leitrim Set.

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